Zombie Armour

As the 3WW grinds on, accumulating battle losses overwhelm repair and manufacturing facilities for all sorts of vehicles, especially armoured vehicles of any sort — as does increasing disruption of the supply chain(s) needed to keep the manufacture of such vehicles ticking over (and, eventually, the Thirty Minute War — the nuclear exchange — wipes out most of the heavy industrial facilities capable of manufacturing any major military vehicles.

However, ingenuity on all sides means that remaining facilities are repurposed to salvage and remanufacture nadly damaged or nominally ‘wrecked’ vehicles.

One such example is …


The US and NATO found themselves with increasing numbers of salvageable tank hulls lacking turrets and a declining ability to build new armoured vehicles of any sort just as the Russians had (see the BTR-T and BTR-P entries) and also had the example of the Israeli Achzarit T-55 conversion. As a result, they eventually started their own program of converting salvaged, surplus or reserve tank hulls into Heavy APCs.

The most common conversion fielded by the US and her allies in the European and Middle Eastern theaters was based on the M-60 Patton – and was formally named the M-600 Powell APC(H) by the US, though the troops (displaying the expected gallows humour) commonly referred to them as either M-666’s or as Zombie Armour.

The main difference between the US and other similar programs was that the majority of M-600’s were provided with salvaged APC turrets, either from LAVs (M-600a1) or Bradleys (M-600a2), though a small number (M-600a3) mounted Stryker Mobile Gun turrets. A very few (M-600a4) were equipped only with a remote machinegun mount (controlled by a gunner from the inside of the APC) or (even fewer) with a simple pintle mount, normally for a machinegun, (M-600a5) at the track Commander’s position.

No, there’s no artwork for this hypothetical beast – but their could be if some of the Stretch Goals for the KS are reached when it is launched!

Phil McGregor


2 thoughts on “Zombie Armour

  1. This likes a good setting and one that I’m certainly interested in and would be more than willing to help re proof reading, ideas etc. It reminds me of the Armor XXI game that GDW were talking about back in 1995 which unfortunately was never produced.

    All the best.


  2. Never heard of the ‘Armour XX1’ project, but in those days, even with the early Internet, Australia was very much the backside of the universe as far as the US-centric RPG/Wargame/Game design world was concerned.

    The initial setting is all ‘real world’ (for some values of ‘real’) and, I believe, offers plenty of expandability and scope for continued campaigning in the ‘modern’ (near future) world … but will then progress to the core setting (well, it always has been for me) of the 27th millennium … which probably makes it somewhat different from TW2000 and Armour XXI

    If you (no-one else at this stage, please!) are interested in proof reading, drop me a line at aspqrz@tpg.com.au … I have some people going over the (current) ‘final’ version and they’ve picked up a number of things that my regular gaming group hasn’t already …



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