Attack on Roman Mosque

Scattered throughout the three Campaign Books are news and information sidebars that provide a more detailed picture of exactly what was going on around the world in the chaotic period that led up to the outbreak of the Three Way War, the course of that conflict, and the aftermath of The Thirty Minute War (aka The Exchange). One of those stories is …

NewsWire FLASH. All Stations. Dateline: Rome.

At Friday evening prayers several muffled noises were heard coming from inside, but security services were not aware anything was amiss until a policeman on duty went in to investigate the sudden silence.

According to eyewitnesses he staggered out within minutes, twitching, frothing at the mouth and with blood streaming from every bodily orifice, fell to the ground and started convulsing so severely that his bones could be heard cracking – then going still.

Police and Security forces surrounded the Mosque and personnel in Hazmat gear dragged his body clear – and within minutes were using loudspeakers to warn the crowd to disperse as ‘the presence of Chemical or Biological Agents has been detected.’


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