Europe 2019

Departing Sydney on 1 JUN 19 at 14:50 on British Airways Flight BA0016 which reaches Singapore at 21:05 (local time) … 8 hours 15 minutes flight time.

Then British Airways BA 0012 leaving Singapore at 23:15 (local) and arrives at London Heathrow at 05:50 (local time) on 2 JUN 19 … 13 hours 35 minutes flight time.

Yes, a godawful hour to arrive at … the good thing is that BA have an Arrivals Lounge for Business and First Class Passengers with close to 100 showers, brekkie and plenty of cushy seats as well as free Wi-fi where I can hang out for a while after clearing Customs & Immigration.

One good thing is that Aussies can now use the e-Passport gates which is supposed to cut down the up to 2 1/2 hour queues ‘considerably’ … no indication of by how much, though (who would have thought that Heathrow would … nay, could, worse to get through than Sydney!)

Anyway, I plan to hang around till 11-ish and then head into London as the Hotel I have booked (The Bridge Hotel — over the river roughly between the riverbank and Elephant & Castle) doesn’t have Check In until 2 pm but I’ve checked and I can leave by bags there if I arrive early … and then, well …

It’s a relatively short walk, no more than 15-20 minutes, from the Hotel to the Imperial War Museum which is where I intend to head when I’ve dumped my luggage. The last time I was there, in 1988 (!), they were ‘renovating’ the place … code for ‘90% of the interior is blocked off and the rest consists of narrow plywood passageways, some with windows into display cases, connecting a few small open spaces’ …

Hopefully this time the whole thing will be open!

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