Dundee & Scone

Heading north from Edinburgh I drove to Dundee where there is a brand new (January 2019) branch of the V&A (Victoria & Albert) … unfortunately it was much overhyped. A biggish modern building but it seemed to be mostly empty space. One free exhibit on the second floor about Scottish design that would have fit into one of the medium sized rooms of the real V&A back in London was OK, but rather underwhelming.

There was also a paid for exhibit on Video Games … maybe that took up the remaining 50% of the space, but I suspect not (no, I wasn’t that interested and didn’t fork out the money).

On to Perth (well, Scone Castle, rather) and the Stone of Scone – the little mausoleum Chapel where the original was held before the damned Sassenachs stole it … and where many Scottish Kings were crowned, married or buried. Tiny little place in the grounds of Scone Castle

This is a early 18th century (with later additions) Gothic style baronial mansion rather than a castle, though it has castle-like features (which is what this gothic style is all about anyway) and looks the part. The original Lord, when what was the first stage was finished, decided that the village of Scone (about 100 meters down the road, on his land) was too close, or the villages were not tugging their forelocks sufficiently or sufficiently frequently, so he had a new village built several miles down the road and then had the old one levelled … except for the Mercat (Market) Cross and the Old Graveyard.

Nice work if you can get it, being Lord of the Manor, hey?!?!

The Mausoleum/Chapel
The main Front (the building extends off to the right) Entrance to the ‘Castle’

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