Windsor Castle

What can I say? Like many man many hundreds of tourists from all over I made the trek to Windsor to see the Queen … pity, she wasn’t at home 😉

The main gate – but not for the peasants, we had to turn left, off camera. This is strictly for the elite and the family …
The central tower on the motte.

Of course you don’t actually see any of the Royal apartments, you see the old Royal Apartments dating back to Charles II’s day … though portions of them were still used by the Royal Family as late as WW2.

Now? They’re set up and furnished to give you an idea of what they would have looked like back in the day – over the top elaborately furnished and equipped, of course. No photos, sorry, there are no photos allowed.

They also direct you through the portion of the castle that was severely damaged by fire (destroyed, more or less) … and I must say that the restoration work was top flight! The hammer beams of the roof in the main hall were duplicated perfectly, for example.

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