Kalmar Slott

Kalmar Slott (literally ‘fortified palace’ … but loosely used for converted castles as well as regular castles as well) was, for several centuries, a major coastal fortification (mainly protecting against pirates – but equally as often against marauding Danes) the place where the Union of Kalmar (uniting, in theory, Sweden, Norway and Denmark under the Danish Crown) was signed and, after the border with Denmark was pushed down south to the southern coastline, a Royal Palace, a Prison, a Distillery and, finally, restored in the early 20th century.

One of the middle-period iterations of the Castle – the round Tower was the original fortification with a wooden palisade more or less where the stone one is on this model.
The palace Dining Room, set up for and Easter Feast in the later 15th century, as described by a traveller who was invited to watch, but not dine.
One of the Royal beds, or, at least, one from around the same period standing in for the type of bed that would have been here.
A reconstruction of the original throne.
The Castle and the Town around the time of the great siege – this isn’t the final iteration of the castle, though, that was after the introduction of gunpowder on a large scale and involved massive reconstruction for the new era.

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