Hamlet’s Elsinore isn’t actually Elsinore … it’s Kronborg Slott. The current castle is on the same site as the one that existed in Hamlet’s (mythical) day, but it isn’t identical … like many such surviving Royal Castles in Scandinavia it has been added to, rebuilt, left to decay, converted to other uses and then, finally, converted back to something like its glory days.

Kronborg from the approach over the moat. It seems everywhere I go things are at least partially covered by scaffolding or hoardings.
The current entrance – but the original one – the site of which is off screen. This one is still designed for defence, but modified in more recent times with easier access for tourists in mind.
The throne room – which is set up to be something like it appeared when the Castle was still an important Royal residence (the mid 1600s IIRC)
A reproduction of what one of the Royal Bedrooms could have looked like in the mid 1600s. Notice the sparse furnishings – we take for granted all the things that mass production have made available for us … in a time of handcraft level production even the wealthy simply didn’t have the quantity of stuff we take for granted.
The Queen’s Bedroom – the bed isn’t original, though it is period.

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