Copenhagen Royals

I must say that the Danish Royals (including Princess Mary, of course) really know how to furnish a Palace – and their subjects really seem to like them. A lot since they have provided some really nice stuff even in recent years.

These photos are from the Royal Palace/Parliament Building (its most recent incarnation was burnt down some years ago and when it was, of course, rebuilt, the Royals decided they didn’t really need it all that much and so it is used by Parliament for their sessions in one of the wings and the other areas are used by the Royals and the Parliament for official functions … and the Royal Chambers are used by the PM as his (or her) offices.

This is actually the rear of the Palace. Still looks impressive, though.
The Throne Room – the Royals used to receive guests and notables while seated, the current Queen has done so while standing for her entire reign. It’s little things like that which presumably make them so popular.
The Great Hall where large State Banquets and suchlike are held – the smaller hall off behind the doors to the right is less commonly used for smaller functions, mostly it is used for final preparation of food for the banquets in the large hall.
In the most recent rebuild (the 1920’s IIRC) they uncovered the foundations of the very earliest palace erected on the site, Bishop Absalom’s Castle (he was the guy who first tried to bring christianity to Scandinavia) amongst other, later, foundations from the several successive castles and palaces erected on the same site.
The Palace Kitchens – the copper cookware is ‘on establishment’ (and must be a bugger to keep clean) but the Kitchen is too small to prepare food for the State Banquets any more and it is prepared at one of the other palaces and transported here … though they do use the space for some of the final arrangements and they use the dumbwaiters here to move it to the upper floors.

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