Panzers of the Cold War and after

There aren’t as many types, obviously, and a lot are US or Russian in origin, but, of course, there’s the German ones as well.

Leopard 1 prototype.
HS.30 APC – based on a Swiss design, it proved to be a costly failure and only about 2500 of a projected 10000 were built. There was a huge political scandal over it in the mid 60s
Schutzenpanzer Kurz, 11.2, based on a French Hotchkiss design. Used for recon until the Luchs entered service.
Leopard III
MBT-70 Prototype. The Germans wanted to bid on the contract to replace the M-60 and the MBT-70 was built to the specifications the Yanks wanted. By all accounts it was superior to the competition … but it had one insurmountable flaw … it wasn’t a US design … so it ‘lost’

There’s a lot more, but I think we’re all tanked out by now!

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