Headed off to Colchester today – the site of the Temple of Claudius erected by the Romans to commemorate the invasion under that Emperor’s auspices, destroyed during the Boudiccan revolt and then rebuilt by the Romans to last until it fell into ruin as their control of Britannia waned.

Completely ruinous by the time the Normans came along, they built one of the largest castles (of the time) on the remnant foundations.

It’s still in pretty good nick, too.

The Castle itself has formed the basis of a well regarded archaeological collection of local iron age, Roman, Saxon, Norman and more recent finds and the Curators have been involved in authoring or co-authoring a number of important archaeological works on the region.

Lots of broken pottery and, indeed, broken bits and bobs in general. A fair chunk of coin and jewellery from hoards, some dating back to the Iron Age, some to the Boudiccan revolt, and even one to the Civil War.

One of the better preserved pieces – a Roman mosaic from one of the regional finds held in the museum, not something found on the site of the Castle/Temple

Then on to Norwich.

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