King’s Lynn (Porthaven)

Wednesday 12th and I head off for King’s Lynn, the medieval port town on which Porthaven (from the Ithura & Porthaven book, the third of the Orbis Mundi2 Kickstarter rewards) was modelled.

Not a lot of the medieval town survives … only one of the churches (St. Mary’s), all the others were associated with various Monasteries and were destroyed in/during/after the Dissolution.

Still, I saw the old Hanseatic League HQ building and one of the (repurposed as a Wine Bar and Function centre) other Warehouse Buildings and spent an interesting 45 minutes in their Civic Museum … pride of place in which is Woodhenge a circle of wooden posts ringing a massive tree stump all erected for an unknown purpose ~4000 years ago, covered over by climate change in the intervening period and uncovered by climate change more recently.

Then on to Leicester – and, bloody hell, along the way a stone must have been thrown up at the windscreen of the rental car and cracked it on the offside, around 12″ across, so I had to head into Leicester proper (traffic as bad or worse as a Sydney rush hour) and have it swapped over … so now I have to wait to find out what the cost will be so I can claim the excess back from my insurance (I didn’t go with the Avis insurance, which would have been easier, but about 30-40% more expensive).

Anyway, I have some gaming related business to do tomorrow and then on to York where I will spend two nights and at least one full day!


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