The main palace of the Bishop, the local feudal lord back in the day. It was severely damaged by bombing and fire during WW2 but, right at the end of the war, some of the American Monuments Men (per the movie) actually managed to put a temporary roof over the remnants and pretty much save a lot of it … and lots of reconstruction work has been done on the damaged and even some of the destroyed parts … with lots more to go, of course.

Actually, this is the Schloss, which was the seat of the Prince-Bishops until they decided they wanted something less medieval and more comfortable and homey …
The grand entrance. Just a little something the Bishop(s) had knocked up!
The rear, from the formal gardens outside at the back … must have been quite the place to hold a garden party back in the day … though there’s no place for Trump’s helicopters to land (which is, perhaps, fortunate, given the damage they did to Buck House’s lawns!)
One of the fountains in the grounds … had to have water features, of course!

The interiors were OK, but, again, lighting and the ‘no flash’ rules made it impossible to get decent exposure times. Still, there are other places I will Blog about ‘real soon now’ where there were much better conditions!

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