Nuremburg III

Then there was the Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) museum …

A full sized replica of what was probably the first German railway carriage – two 2nd class and 1 1st class compartments.

… which was actually a Transport & Communications museum as well.

Very early printing Cash Register – they took ‘communications’ quite loosely.
Post WW2 rotor cypher machine – IIRC this model used a paper tape to set the Rotors electro-mechanically unlike the earlier purely mechanical rotor ENIGMA machines.
S-Bahn rolling stock. These are suburban trains, but they may run in tunnels under major cities just like the U-Bahn (underground) … they serve the outer suburbs and may even connect nearby cities to a central major conurbation. Much of their route will be above ground.
The cream and maroon train is an Intercity train – but not one of the really high speed ones. If I got the German description correct this would often be on ‘all stops’ or ‘regional’ services with limited stops rather on major routes such as Munich-Berlin.

A lot of the indoor stuff was badly lit and behind reflective glass – or, just as bad, was placed in such cramped spaces that you simply couldn’t get a shot of more than a meaningless fraction … and the outdoors stuff, while better lit and not behind glass was also often in such cramped quarters as to make getting any sort of meaningful shot impossible.

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