Nuremburg II

Like I said, more to follow –

The German Museum

No, not the German History Museum (that is in Berlin), just the German Museum – though it covers a fair chunk of history while, theoretically, covering German culture.

Medieval Reliquary Case (Rock Crystal and metal … probably bronze/brass or iron covered in gold plating and with silver-gilt ornamentation. Not quite large enough to take a whole corpse of a Saint … but his disarticulated or semi-disarticulated bones? Sure. The inscription in German wasn’t, I think, clear as to what or who had been contained in the reliquary as by the time reliable records referring to it came into being it was already empty. Yes, you can see reflections – but they weren’t too bad.
Medieval Book Cover – again, I am not entirely certain what the German caption said, but I think that the book inside it at present probably wasn’t the original one … Renaissance recycling, I suppose! Note that the gems still remaining are polished, and not even cabochon cut (i.e. with a flat base). Yes, fuzzy – rubbish lighting and reflecting glass playing havoc as usual. Win some, lose some.
A selection of Migration era (roughly late 4th through to early to mid 8th century AD) edged weapons, spear-heads and stirrup. Note the fact that all the spear heads are roughly the same basic type. No massive D&D differentiation!
Ostrogothic Brooch or Cloak Clasp in the Byzantine style – probably a gift from the Byzantine authorities. Niello (enamel) and gold work.
Roman helmet, probably for Hippika Gymnaiska (‘Cavalry Games’) or parade use – probably late 3rd or 4th century AD. Yes, fuzzy and reflections again – it was that sort of museum. <sigh>
Late (probably late 4th or 5th century AD) Roman helmet … probably for better grade (Field Army) Infantry or, possibly, light to medium cavalry. Hard to tell since it is missing cheek guards and other bits.
Late 14th or early 15th century plate armour suit. Reasonably sharp despite the unavoidable reflections.
Medieval folding chair of the Scissors type – just take the backboard off and it folds more or less flattish. Just the thing for a travelling noble.

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