Musee des Blindes, Saumur

Started by a group of French Armour enthusiasts, the collection of armoured vehicles at Saumur is second only to the British one at Bovingdon … and, of course, has some rare French vehicles.

World War 1 Room

Renault FT-17 … seen it before, have you? Well, look at the next photo!
That’s a sight you’ve probably never seen … the Driver’s Position … note the ‘high tech; seating!
Not a lot of room for him, is there?
The Schneider CA-1 (1916) which was a really bad design, like most early tanks … nicknamed the Mobile Coffin because of its external fuel tank!
The interior of the Schneider – showing the engine and the front driving position … a little better than the FT-17.
The St Chamond – built on the same Holt Tractor chassis as the Schneider, the protruding front made it front heavy and it tended to get stuck when trying to cross trenches … though it was better designed protection wise.

Unfortunately the upload speed of the wifi at the hotel is, while not as woeful as it was yesterday when I tried to do this and could barely upload the first picture, still sub-par … so the WW2 and later stuff will have to wait for a better connection down the track … hopefully tomorrow!

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