Musee des Blindes – WW2

The WW2 collection was, of course, much larger than the one for WW1 – after all, French troops helped occupy Germany, unlike WW1, so there are a fairly large number of German tanks.

I’m sure some of you recognise this … it’s a German Goliath remote controlled demolition charge in the form of a mini-tank-like thing. I saw others at Bovingdon, the German Tank Museum, and the Army Museum in Dresden but I think this is a better shot than I got at any of those venues …
Panzer II Luchs (‘Lynx’) a late war (1943 to early 1944) recon version of the Panzer II. The differences are that it is slightly bigger in all dimensions and that it has interleaved road wheels rather than bogies (it’s faster, too).
Kettenkrad half-track motorycle – several thousand were produced during the war (which shows how desperate the Germans were for motor transport of any sort) and they produced several hundred after the war for agricultural use. The motorcycle wheel front end could be removed and the tracks only used for traversing really soft ground … but at a much reduced speed.
Bridge-carrying engineer version of the standard German Sdkfz-25x Halftrack. Yes. That’s a Panther turret you can see in the background (attached to a Panzer V chassis, of course, which you can’t see)
German Maultier heavy cargo halftrack truck (the almost vertical front grille is a dead giveaway that this isn’t a vehicle originally intended for combat) with a 10 tube Nebelwerfer launcher mounted on the back.
King Tiger – there are a few of these still getting around, it seems!
German Brummbar (‘Grizzly Bear’) Assault Gun – really an engineer vehicle, as the large calibre gun was intended as a demolition charge firing weapon rather than as a tank destroying one … but needs must when the devil drives, and you’re perennially short of armoured vehicles of any sort.

There were, of course, vehicles belonging to other nationalities … some French, some Axis, some Allied … an eclectic mix, as you might expect in a French museum.

Home made French armoured truck used by the FFI (French Forces of the Interior – the Resistance) … dunno more than that as, unfortunately, the description for some display vehicles (of which this was one) were entirely in French … quelle horreur!
Italian Semovente 75mm Self propelled gun. Notice all the lovely rivets – making the fighting compartment a death trap from ricochets if they were hit by anything even as small as a 50 cal machinegun round (or Boys AT Rifle)
Panhard AMD-178 Armoured Car
Renault R-35 Tank
French Char B-1 bis. This is on permanent display, but the museum has one in running condition that is trotted out for their yearly Carrousel (which, sadly, I could not be there in time for as I was in Scandinavia or Germany).

There’s more, of course, too many to upload … these are simply some of the more unusual or more interesting ones. More modern tanks tomorrow …

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