Musee des Blindes – Modern Armour

The museum also has an excellent collection of post WW2 stuff … including, as you might expect, a fair chunk of obscure and less than obscure French stuff which, of course, was often modified US stuff to begin with … a selection of some of the display vehicles follows …

The Leclerc MBT – the latest French MBT, replacing the AMX-30 … even the upgraded versions … in the French Army.
The Swedish turretless S103 ‘S’ Tank … replaced by modified Leopard IIs.
Brazilian EE-9 Cascavel Armoured Car, widely used by a number of Third World countries as well as, of course, by the Brazilian army. Popular because it uses many standard truck parts for engine, transmission, suspension etc. simplifying maintenance and keeping procurement costs way down.
Bundeswehr Jagd Kanone self-propelled gun/tank destroyer … phased out in the 1980s when some had their cannons removed and were fitted with ATGMs … the latter called Raketenjagpanzer and phased out in the 90s.
Alvis Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier … a familiar sight on the streets of Belfast during the ‘Troubles.’
French Pluton Short Range Nuclear Missile on a modified AMX-30 chassis.
French AMX-10 RC Armoured Car/Recon Vehicle.

As usual, there’s lots more photos but so little time to upload … and tomorrow I have to return the Lease car and head in to my Parisian Hotel. I will be there until Saturday week when I fly back to London, one day there and then I fly out of London for Singapore and then for Oz on the Monday … arriving back on the Wednesday thanks to the magic of international time zones (and reclaiming the day I gained flying to Europe).

More later, hopefully from Paris, but it depends on what the WiFi is like at the Paris Hotel …

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